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 Inches On The Left/ CM On The Right



Bust Length Dress Waist Dress Length Pants Waist Pants Length Weight (kg)
S 25.1"-29.1"/64-74cm 6.2"/16cm 23.6"27.5"/60-70cm 7.8"/20cm 24.4"-28.3"/62-72cm 9.4"/24cm 0.20
M 26.7"-30.7"/68-78cm 6.7"/17cm 25.1"-29.1"/64-74cm 8.2"/21cm 30"-33.8"/76-86cm 9.8"/25cm 0.21
L 28.3"-32.2"/72-82cm 7"/18cm 26.7"-30.7"/68-78cm 8.6"/22cm 31.4"35.4"/80-90cm 10.2"/26cm 0.22
XL 30"-33.8"76-86cm 7.4"/19cm 28.3"-32.2"/72-82cm 9"/23cm 33"-33"/84-84 10.6"27cm 0.23

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